Wholesale Nursery

When buying in bulk for commercial and retail use, Cerbo’s has you and your clients covered.

We offer a range of wholesale products in landscape supplies, including trees, shrubs and perennials hardy to zone 5 and zone 6, flowering plants, and everything else necessary to grow your landscape, such as fertilizer, mulch, and soil.

Here are just a few things you’ll find when you’re buying from Cerbo’s.

Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs add texture, life, and dimension to any outdoor space: a courtyard, outdoor seating area, or walkway.

Break up a large area with flowering trees and evergreen options. Or, stock up on shrubs of various sizes and species for visual interest. Looking for a rare tree? We can source it for you.

Beautiful yew bushes add a splash of color to any green space, and flaky juniper looks lush and thick, making it the perfect ground covering for any open area. Elevate the visuals of any landscape by stocking up on seasonal flowering plants and flowering trees for your clients and customers.

We like hydrangea, deutzia, viburnum, junipers, and spice bushes.

Planting Perennials

Popular perennials are a staple for elevating how the land looks. They’re also less hassle than annuals since they come back each year, cutting down on planting time. This makes them perfect for busy businesses and retail clients that don’t want to funnel a lot of time and energy into sprucing up their landscape.

Simple to plant and easy to maintain, perennials fly off our nursery’s shelves for a good reason! Daylily, lavender, coneflower, foxglove, salvia, hostas, and chrysanthemums are a few to consider. Talk to us about how you can convey the beauty of perennials to your customers!

Landscaping Material

Selling beautiful trees, bushes, shrubbery, and flowering plants is only part of your customers’ landscaping experience. They’ll need materials and supplies to be set up for success, and we’ve got everything your clients need and more.

With over 40 acres of products and ideas, you can stock up on must-haves like mulch, grass seed, ground coverings, special soils, and fertilizers. Feel free to talk to us about our policies, and tips for wholesale clients, and our best advice for planting and maintaining a beautiful landscape.

Once we understand what you need, you’ll have access to our wholesale-only online form to check prices to ensure your budgetary needs are balanced with your shopping list.

We cater to wholesale businesses, and if you want it, we’ll make sure you have all of your landscaping needs met.

For four generations, we’ve been in the business of making customers, clients, and commercial businesses happy and helping the world go green! Speak with our team to discuss the bestsellers you should keep in stock while planning.