Bulk and Bagged Products

Though your commercial clients can make their garden grow with Cerbo’s wide assortment of grass seeds, potted plants, bushes, shrubs, and ground coverings, it takes maintenance to keep any landscape lush. That’s where bulk and bagged products come into play. Get in touch with us for wholesale pricing on our premium bag mulch, bag soil, and products to enable easy upkeep for your clients.

Growing Green

Plant a seed, add water, and grow! These are the basics of gardening and landscaping, but you’ll need to arm your customers with the right products to do the job long-term. Here are a few bagged landscaping supplies to stock up on and recommend to your commercial clients.

  • Soil is necessary for growth, and there are many varieties depending on what your clients are cultivating. Cerbo’s carries an extensive range of bag soil for your wholesale needs, including topsoil, peat, and rich loam soils. Your clients’ soil choice depends on what type of grass, vegetables, plants, or fruits they’re planning to grow.
  • Fertilizer is key to feeding every landscape. That’s where bag nutrients come in. We carry several types of fertilizer including liquid fertilizer, organic options, and synthetic, all dependent upon what your customers are growing. Keep fertilizer on hand with your bag soil to provide customers with the full experience required to keep their landscape beautiful and hardy.

Eliminate Ice

One of New Jersey’s biggest enemies in the winters is inclement weather. Prep your reserves for winter by purchasing products meant to keep ice and snow from accumulating on pathways, sidewalks, and driveways.

Some wholesale items you’ll want to have on hand before temperatures drop include ice melt, bulk salt, and bag salt. These products work to remove and eliminate snow and frost from commercial lots, residential complexes, and pathways.

Keep stairs safe and frost from killing plants when you have bag salt and ice melt at the ready to arm your clients for harsh weather.

Add Aggregates

It’s not just about what you grow; it’s how you grow it.

Cerbo’s serves up bag mulch and other aggregates that elevate the way a landscape looks and perform a much greater function: allowing the soil to retain necessary moisture to stay hydrated and grow properly.

Mulch, cedar, and gravel offer clients a way to customize their landscape layout and enhance the level of protection.

We have over a century of experience in landscapes, gardening, trees, bushes, and other parts of a healthy landscape, so let us bring you into the Cerbo’s family and, by extension, your commercial clients! Our warranties safeguard our sales and give you peace of mind when purchasing.

Get in touch with our team for all of your wholesale landscape and gardening options and our special wholesale-only pricing site.