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Cerbo's Hampton Nursery is a 60+ acre growing site where we support our wholesale clients with a wide range of products including our own quality grown plant material, fertilizers, grass seed, mulches, topsoil, and other landscaping supplies.


Cerbo’s works with customers from all over the Tri-State Area. From first-time home owners to clients such as the Central Park Conservancy in New York City, Cerbo’s can handle projects of any size. Call us for help with your biggest landscaping jobs, or smallest tree installations.

What are you looking for?

All your wholesale nursery and landscaping needs – including trees, shrubs and perennials.

Soil, mulch, fertilizer and gravel in bags and in bulk. In the winter we stock ice melt and rock salt.

Indoor and outdoor pottery plus grass seed mixes for every type of client and property

Your source for fresh produce – some of it from our own farm! Sign up for our CSA program and get fresh food all summer!

Who we serve

Cerbo’s Hampton Nursery provides a one-stop shopping experience for landscapers, both small and large.  We work with both smaller, local landscapers who are looking to pick up their own materials for individual clients and larger landscaping companies bidding on commercial projects.

We have a yard full of nursery stock as well as grass seed, fertilizer, and mulch. Trained staff are always available to assist landscapers in their choices. We can complete bid sheets and provide formal quotes for commercial projects upon request.  For smaller loads we’ll help you get the material onto your truck. For larger loads we’ll either get them ready for pickup or deliver it to your jobsite.

In addition to our fully stocked yard, we have several trucks per week coming to our yards with fresh material from a wide range of growers across the country. This puts us in position to satisfy a wide range of orders requested from our landscaping clients even when the material is not immediately in stock.

Cerbo’s Hampton Nursery has been providing nursery stock and trees to cities and towns across New Jersey and the Tri-State area for over 40 years. Our trees are typically used for urban beautification programs and seasonal displays and are planted on streets all over the region.

We’re North Jersey’s largest tree grower – growing trees that are well-suited to the local conditions in and around the New Jersey area. Our trees are well cared for and can be transplanted into local environments without the issues associated with “foreign” plantings. Plus our municipality clients save on delivery charges because we’re located inside New Jersey.

We can supply, deliver and, in certain seasons, plant our own trees making us very competitive on both quality and price.

Our work with Property Managers mirrors very closely the work we do for larger landscaping companies, namely: 

  • Fully stocked yard
  • Delivery options
  • Formal bidding process
  • Trained & helpful staff
  • And an ability to get almost any nursery materials within a relatively short time frame

Property managers are invited to contact us at 973-579-5518 to discuss their specific requirements.

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